Samsung Galaxy S6 – How to Clear the Galaxy S6 Cache?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a new phone and with every new device, there come new tasks, features and ways of doing things.

Well, not everything on the latest Galaxy S6 is new; you can still get some of the features that were available on older versions of Android devices on this phone.

One thing that might be a huge problem for Samsung Galaxy S6 users is the internal memory. If you are a consumer of large media files, then you might be in trouble with the latest Samsung flagship. This is true because Samsung decided to ditch the option of having an external SD card slot and instead, it uses a fixed internal memory of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB for the three variants available. One way of dealing with this memory storage issue on your Galaxy S6 is keeping tabs on the phone’s cache.

You can regularly clear your phone’s cache to create more storage space for new files and apps. But how do you clear the cache on this Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone? Here’s how it’s done.

What is clearing the cache?

The first place to begin is to understand what clearing a cache means. Well, there are various types of caches involved in this case. One involves the apps installed on your Galaxy S6 and the other is about the system – which is the Android system itself. In essence, your phone’s cache is similar to the Temp folder on your PC. It serves as the dumping ground of your phone, where all temporary data is kept. It is true to say that caches make the Galaxy S6 faster, but these caches also take a lot of memory space, and will eventually bog you down, annoying you with how your phone performs. Hence the need for clearing it occasionally.

How to clear the Galaxy S6 cache

To clear the app cache on your Samsung Galaxy S6, you will need to access the Settings of your phone. From there, check the App Manager and in this application, you can check and clear the caches of each app. For easy access of all apps, select to view apps that are in the “All” section. After that, tap on the app you want to clear the cache of, and then tap on “Clear Cache”. You can clear the cache of all apps by going to “Settings>Storage>Cached data>OK”.

If you want to clear the system cache of your Samsung Galaxy S6, there is more you’ll need to know before going ahead. Usually, this will involve wiping the cache partition. This often occurs after new updates are installed. You may have to do this in case these new updates are causing battery drains, frequent crashes, glitches and other weird behaviors on the phone. To clear the system cache of your Galaxy S6, turn it off. To start it up again, hold the Power + Volume Up + Home buttons and when you see a blue screen with Android on it, the phone will be in recovery mode.

Using the Volume buttons to scroll through the recovery menu, rest on the “Wipe Cache Partition” and follow it by pressing the “Power” button to confirm. When the process is done, a message will be displayed in yellow towards the bottom of the screen. Go on scrolling using the volume buttons until the “Reboot System Now” option is highlighted. Then press “Power” button to confirm. After the phone reboots, all your apps will be recompiled, which might take a few minutes to complete. However, once the process is done, you will start to enjoy a smoother running Samsung Galaxy S6.

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