Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

Google chrome – the Internet Explorer killer is still one of the most favorite browsers as it has changed how people use the net. The browser has a number of extensions which can be downloaded from the app store, some of these extensions are for free while others charge a fee or work on donations. In case you are a chrome user and want your surfing experience to improve, then here are a few extensions which you must install.


This is a must have extension if you are looking forward to an ad-free browsing experience. Most of us get very irritated with advertisement pop ups while browsing the internet, these ads, slow down the system making it difficult for users to smoothly surf. Adblock is an app which disallows these pop up and makes browsing and surfing a breeze. It is a very important extension for avoiding inappropriate pop ups, especially if your kids use the internet.


Saving printshots will become really easy with the use of this extension. Yes, you can make use of the print screen button and open the page on paint, after which the required area can be cropped, but with Lightshot the user will not have to go through such a time consuming process. With this app you can save the area of the window which you require instead of taking the picture of the entire window and editing it later.

Lastpass Or 1password

These days most of us have a number of e-mail ids and registrations on different sites, which is why it has become so difficult to remember passwords. Now you do not have to note down your passwords on your phone, as these apps simply manage passwords for all the different sites. They also automatically fill-up forms which again saves time. Now you will not have to pull out your credit cards to fill in forms for online payments, as everything is automatically saved on the browser itself.


It is a great tool and makes your browser much more attractive. If you use this extension, a new tab will not open as a blank page, but a note taking tool. The pictures in the background are really pretty and the texts appear to be very readable. So if you want, you can note down your favorite quote and that very page will appear whenever you click for a new tab.

Turn Off The Lights

This is a great app for those who love to stream online videos and watch it. This way the users can customize the lighting of their screen for a better picture quality. You can dim the light or brighten them as per your preference to improve the quality of the video being watched by you.


This extension is great for those who work with many tabs open. These users can click on a tab and close them after scheduling them to come back later. Having multiple tabs open, slows down the net connectivity which makes it very irritating to use. So with this kind of a provision you will not have to worry about having many tabs open.


This extension is for the twitter addicts, it allows users to manage multiple accounts, while viewing their timeline clearly without having to scroll upwards and downwards. It is a very nice app to manage twitter followers and schedule tweets.

Stay Focused

This is a great app for procrastinators who waste their time on social networking sites instead of working. The users can set a time allowance for sites which are meant to kill time, so that they do not end up spending their entire day watching useless videos and commenting on weird status updates. It also allows users to block a few sites.

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