Mortal Kombat X Xbox 360 and PS3 Release Date – New Characters Available

Mortal Kombat X: New character added to the roster: Jason Voorhees; release date for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles delayed?

Since the release date for the Mortal Kombat X is getting closer, NetherRealm Studios, the developer of this upcoming game, is already making big waves. There are a lot of Mortal Kombat fans out there and we’re pretty sure that they can barely wait for this game to be finally released.

During a live-stream called MKX Kombat Kast, which NetherRealm Studios held on March 13, the developers showed their fans the story mode that will come on Mortal Kombat X. In case you’ve missed the live stream, don’t worry, because you can watch it in the video below:

To get right to the story mode of the video, just go to min 14:40 and enjoy watching. However, if you are a person who doesn’t like spoilers, we suggest you to not watch it.

Jason Voorhees coming to Mortal Kombat X

If you are a person who enjoyed the movie “Friday The 13th” from the year 1980, then you probably know about Jason Voorhees. Well the good news is that this character is also coming to Mortal Kombat X. We’re pretty sure that there will be a lot of players who will love playing this character. The Jason Voorhees will be part of the Kombat Pack (Season Pass) for the game and it got revealed by the official PlayStation Youtube Page in a 24 second video. Here is the short reveal video of Jason Voorhees:

Mortal Kombat X: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions delayed?

Rumors say that Mortal Kombat X will not be released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 when it will be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The rumors come after at the end of a trailer presentation showed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, Google Play and App Store icons. Here is the video:

However, the owners of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 don’t have to worry about this, since according to VideoGamer, the game will also be released for both of these consoles, but a bit later. It is good to know that NetherRealm Studios will not develop Mortal Kombat X for these two consoles and instead, the developers from High Voltage Software will take over.

Mortal Kombat X for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will be released on April 14, 2015. Mortal Kombat X for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will most likely be released sometime in the middle Q2-Q3 2015.

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