Microsoft Xbox One New Controller Release Date And Features

E3 will start on June 16 and since it’s a big gaming event, Microsoft will be one of the guests who will spoil their fans with new announcements. According to some leaks, the company will bring a new controller for its Xbox One console, which might be presented during the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015.

E3 is right around the corner and big names in the gaming industry will launch their new titles, confirming previous rumors or surprising the audience with new projects. Apparently, Microsoft will attend this event with the intention to unveil the new controller for the Xbox One console which will feature a 3.5 mm headphone port at the base of the pad. This information was revealed, by mistake, by Microsoft’s Xbox Support website and the Austrian retailer Libro said that in the images appears the alleged Xbox One controller. However, according to the Xbox Support website, the new feature will be available on controllers that will come after June 2015, so, most likely, they were referring to the controller that might be launched at the E3 event.

Except for the.5mm headphone jack, the upcoming controller looks almost the same as the current controllers. This means that the new device will be compatible with existing headphones and the users will no longer have to buy other official Microsoft products, or an adapter. Also, the new controller will have a more attractive color pattern, being painted in black and grey and featuring a camouflage designing.

Although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed this new controller yet, there is another rumor according to which the device will be released on June 8, but its capabilities will be demonstrated at this annual gaming event. The controller which looks like the DS4 controller for the PlayStation 4 is known under the name of “Covert Forces” and has these technical specifications:

– additional content;
– 10m range;
– WiFi Controller and (2x) AA batteries;
– Expansion Slot to add the Chat Headset or other accessories;
– Menu and View button;
– you will be able to connect up to 8 WiFi controllers to your controller;
– Seamless Profile and controller-coupling;
– it will be compatible with the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit, the Xbox One stereo headset and the Xbox One Chat Headset.

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