Microsoft: Is This the End of Control Panel?

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Microsoft is finally ending Control Panel. We will no longer see it in Windows 11. The company has added plenty of changes throughout the year, and they are looking for ways to replace this functionality.

The company has released a new test version of the new OS, and the advanced network settings are now put on a new page in the app. You now have sharing options for printers, folders, and network discovery. You won’t be forced to Control Panel anymore.

If you want to uninstall apps now, it will redirect you to Settings. Uninstalling Windows Updates can now be found in the Settings app, as well. So no more Control Panel.

Microsoft has tried to get rid of Control Panel numerous times in the Windows 10 era, and now they’re finally doing it. They had one attempt for Windows 8, as well, by trying to introduce a separate Settings app.

This change is welcome, but it’s not the *exclusive* end of Control Panel. There are still a lot of settings for which you will need the Control Panel. But let’s hope that Windows 11 will soon come with a solution for all of them. We know for sure that the company is all about changing this matter. At one point, they will probably get rid of Control Panel for good.

Windows 11 is all about being modern and simple. Some may argue that it’s too simple –  see the taskbar. The monthly changes will surely make Windows 11 a “whole” soon. Microsoft has demonstrated numerous times that they are listening to the feedback, and they always try to bring us the best. We’re here for it, and we love it.

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