Instagram PC Free Download – BlueStacks is the Best Option

Instagram is a very popular application used on the mobile platforms; both Android and the iOS are capable of transforming your images and photographs into remarkable and memorable one with the use of some cool filter features.

You can send these pictures to others or share them with friends through the application. You need to register yourself to get an account and then you can use it. Registering for Instagram account is done through the iPhone or the Android device, using the app that is specific to the device. Today, many users also want to use the Instagram application on their desktops or PCs, for which there are many alternatives.

There is no application that is directly available for using Instagram on your PC, but you can make use of a virtual environment for running the app on your desktop. You can do this by using the Android emulators available for both the Mac and the Windows desktop and this is used for accessing Instagram on your PC. One of them is BlueStacks, which is a very popular Android emulator.


This is an app player offering a virtual environment for both the Windows and the Mac desktops and you can use this environment for running Android apps, such as Instagram as well as other apps. You have to first download and install the application player and then download the Instagram application on your PC. Next, you need to double click on the Instagram app and install it in the BlueStacks Player. When you open BlueStacks, you will see Instagram in it. You can click on the icon and then launch it inside BlueStacks. You can sign up, if you have not logged in, whereas if you already have an account with Instagram, you can use your credentials and immediately begin using the application. In other cases, you can opt for the Register link and then sign up for the Instagram application.

Using Instagram on PC

You can now upload photos or share them with others on Instagram. You can also use the application for applying filters on the files in your PC. This is a very useful alternative for those who do not have a smartphone but want to access Instagram. After logging in to Instagram on your PC, you can click on the Search button and access the Camera settings for unchecking the Use Advanced Camera feature. Next, click on the camera icon that is seen at the bottom of the application. You will have to select from a menu popup that asks you for a source from which you want to upload the photos. By selecting pictures, you can see all the images in your folder. Pick on the photo you want to upload from the picture gallery and then select it. You can make changes like cropping or resizing the picture and then Accept. You can also apply the Instagram filters if you wish to and then go ahead, fill up the required details and then click on Upload, found in the top right hand corner.

Some Other Methods

There are also other methods of accessing Instagram on your PC, such as using Instagrille, Webstagram, and Webbygram and through the Instagram website itself. Accessing Instagram through the website is also quite easy, as you only need to visit your web profile and then write out the address of the website in the browser with your username. If you have a private account, it will mention this or else it will show the photos that you have uploaded. You have to log in with your account details and then start exploring. You can start browsing through the pictures in Instagram and also make comments or delete a comment made on your images.

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