How to Move WeChat Messages to your WhatsApp Account – Is it Possible?

WhatsApp and WeChat are two of the most popular messaging applications there are today.

Using either of them, it is possible to send free messages as well as make free calls to any other person as long as s/he is using the app.

These services make connecting with each other very easy. WeChat and WhatsApp offer almost the same services where users can send text, voice, video as well as picture messages on both platforms. Furthermore, it is possible to make voice calls on both platforms, but at the moment, only WeChat supports video calling. WeChat also offers further features that include Moments, where users can share photos with friends, comment, as well as like them, which is similar to the timeline available on Facebook.

WhatsApp voice calling feature is still very young in the market. In the past, many people have been using both applications as far as messaging and voice calling is concerned. This is so because WeChat offered both services, but WhatsApp only offered instant messaging services.

If you have installed these two applications on your Android device, you may want to move a certain message from your WeChat conversations to WhatsApp for one reason or the other. While there is no direct way of displaying WeChat messages in your WhatsApp account, there is still a trick you can use to get your WeChat chats right onto your WhatsApp account. Here’s how to do it.

Move WeChat messages to WhatsApp account using a Cloud service

If you are connected to any cloud program, it is easy to move your messages between these two applications. So, if you aren’t, make sure you create an account with any popular cloud-based program such as Google Drive and take in the data on your WeChat account and upload it on the cloud database. Also ensure that you can access the folder or device where you have installed WhatsApp.

Copy the data you want from the saved WeChat data and paste it to the appropriate WhatsApp folder associated with the file you are moving, whether it is a text, video, image or voice message. When you restart your WhatsApp account, you should be able to see these messages in the respective folders they were moved to.

To be successful with this process, you must be connected to a suitable internet connection or else, errors will be plenty. Nonetheless, the process is still very simple and easy with very little effort required. You can also use this cloud service to move other files between WeChat and WhatsApp, for instance, contact details.

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