SnapChat and WhatsApp – The Tale of Two Warring Apps

First, there were the colas, and now there are the warring apps.

The way communication works today is instant, and user friendly. So, there are scores of apps that do the same thing – help people communicate with one another. There is a race to become the best, and for that, the different apps offer a lot of different features. There is a continuous race for one-upmanship and apps keep coming up with new and improved features to make it more interesting and useful for the users. SnapChat and WhatsApp have been trying to better themselves as well, and a recent update on SnapChat brings it closer to being as useful and interesting as WhatsApp.

The Update

SnapChat has started a new instant messaging service, which lets you get in touch with your friends instantly on the messenger service. All you have to do is to swipe the name of your friend on their inbox and your instant text messaging will begin. You can leave offline messages or chat online. If both the contacts are online, they can initiate face-to-face chat and live video streaming as well. All of these features come with a lot of privacy as well. As soon as you or your contact leaves the chat screen, all the messages will self-destruct. If users want to save something from the chat, they can tap the screen to get a list of saving options.

SnapChat vs WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

This new SnapChat feature is a direct assault on WhatsApp’s popularity. WhatsApp has been the most used and most popular instant messaging app since it was first introduced in the market. It’s simple, clean and eye-catching interface is only complemented by its user-friendly interface. SnapChat has not gained the popularity that WhatsApp already enjoys, but SnapChat has decided to build strength where WhatsApp is lacking. Despite popular demand, WhatsApp still does not have video chatting or voice calling features. Even though reports suggest that WhatsApp’s team may be working on a newer version that will support both video and audio calls as well, there is still no clear indication about what that could happen. SnapChat’s update comes on the heels of Facebook Messenger’s inclusion of video messaging and it can only be seen as an open challenge to the social networking giant – which incidentally is also the owner of WhatsApp.

The Future of Instant Messaging

A recently published report on social networking claims that young users are now moving towards instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and SnapChat against the favor of traditional social media such as Twitter and Facebook. If the report is to be believed, Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp makes a lot of sense. Just as WhatsApp was once, SnapChat has been clocked to be one of the fastest growing mobile messaging apps – especially among teens. In the latter half of the year 2013, SnapChat witnessed a 60% growth in its user base – a number that should be alarming to both Facebook and WhatsApp. In a way, the app is already giving tough competition to the two established giants. Since the younger generation is very conscious about its digital footprint, SnapChat’s self-destruction of messages can only make it more lucrative.

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