How Much Does WhatsApp Voice Calling Cost?

While users know that voice calling on WhatsApp is based only on data charges and doesn’t charge based on the country you call, there is always some cost involved in bandwidth usage.

If you plan to always make calls using your wireless internet connection, the cost will be exceptionally cheap. Most internet service providers easily offer 250 GB limit within which you can make hundreds of calls without incurring any cost at all. After all, the charges are based on the amount of content you download at a specific time.

A 5-minute international call may cost you less than $1 if you are going to make it over a home connection. The downloaded file wouldn’t be more than a couple of megabytes and assuming you pay $60 per month for the connection, you will hardly incur any costs even if you speak for 30-minutes every two days. Everyone knows that making calls over the internet is the cheapest option but with the evolution of smartphones, it has become much easier. You can take or make or calls from anywhere you are.

Every Call is the same

The advantage of using WhatsApp for all your voice calling needs is that there is no difference between the calls. It considers every call as the same, be it calling your friend in the next street, to the neighboring state or even someone who is living out of your country. The charges are always based on the data downloaded. Some ISPs had plans to charge users for sending messages and making calls over these apps. Such a biased restriction is being strongly rejected by internet users based on which the net neutrality laws have been modified recently.

Minutes Based Pricing

The more time you spend on a call, the higher the charges will be but it is nothing compared to the exorbitant costs that used to be the norm earlier. With WhatsApp, you can make 15 minutes of international calls and you might have used only 12 MB of data during this period. That’s seriously less even if you are going to use it over a 3G or 4G network.

When opting for 4G internet connection, just confirm if your plan allows at least 500 MB or 1 GB of data every month. Phones tend to download a lot of updates. Seclude them to Wi-Fi networks to space bandwidth and use them purely for voice calls. You will be good to go!

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