GTA 6: Vice City Map and Other Rumors Confirmed?

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At this point, we cannot do anything but only shout: we want GTA 6. Developers are still making updates for GTA 5, adding more characters, storylines and missions. But this means that the bar will be set high for GTA 6. Many still play GTA 5, but truth is told, it has been so long since we got a new game.

Here’s all we know about GTA 6 – and it’s spicy.

Where will the action be set?

There are rumors everywhere on the internet, and people kept saying that GTA 6 will be set in Vice City. Many have claimed that the map will actually be bigger than that, and it will also include San Andreas. We can see how that might turn out, with missions and characters and storylines. The company might be working on a bigger version of the game, but it seems that GTA 6 is still being staged at this point. Fans say that the map will be the one from GTA 5, but a bit bigger.

Missions and rewards

Rumor has it, GTA 6 will have missions that will pay you in bitcoins. There are already some games there that offer bitcoins and Etherum coins, so people believe GTA 6 could do that, as well. Is this the beginning of NFTs? Probably.

GTA 6 could offer its players many things to buy, from properties to side missions. The real estate business can earn you a lot of money without much work.


We have also heard that the main character will be a female this time, instead of the men of the game. We think that is a good idea, and we are waiting to hear more about that.

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