GTA 5 PC Receives Patch Update 350.1 to Ban Mods

When games are on consoles like Playstation 4 and Xbox One, people love to play the titles, but on PCs, the players wait so that they could mod it and change the game into anything they wish to.

Some developers don’t make such creative changes, as it paved way for games like Day Z and Killing Floor, but Rockstar is serious about stopping the players from changing the way Grand Theft Auto V was originally meant to be. They have released an all new patch update version 350.1 which reportedly has been denying access and stopping players from installing mods into the game. Modifications allow you to see the game from a whole new perspective and also make use of the available code to create new missions, goals and challenging achievements.

Mods Available Now

A wide range of mods have already landed for the GTA 5 PC edition. Most of them are extremely hilarious as they were designed to simply offer people more fun than it already does. One of the mod will allow you to explore the world as a deer, gorilla or as any other animal that is available in the game.

You could become an ape as you have always wanted to be and the fun fact is, they could even drive cars as the real human players do. Sometimes, this could lead to crashes and other bugs, but its unlimited fun nonetheless. A new mod also allowed players to crash a huge whale from the ocean into the middle of the city, which would scare the pedestrians and the drivers. There’s even one that would let you be a cop and control crime in Los Santos. Being on the other side of the law is so different.

Multiple Bug Fixes and Improvements

Some players reported that when they upgraded to patch 350.1, the mods were all deactivated. It is not official and Rockstar didn’t comment whether they like to completely ban mods from ruining their GTA 5 game.

A lot of bugs that have been identified and reported by the users have been fixed with this patch update. It has also brought in performance improvements for the game. The issues related to the old cars being replaced in garage has been sorted out, much to the delight of the gamers.

Players who used the new patch aren’t able to use mods and they have to revert to older versions by downloading them manually. Rockstar didn’t comment on mods for the GTA 5 PC edition yet.

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