Google Play Services 7.5.71 APK Download – Top Features And Permissions

Google Play services is a very useful app, which was developed by Google Inc. This application allows you to upgrade your Android apps directly from the Play Store. You must set up the newest APK file of the app in order for this to work properly. The newest version that you can get your hands on is the v7.5.71 (1955121-032) updated on May 26.

Google Play services was released back in 2012. When it was first launched, the app could only function on Google+ API as well as OAuth 2.0. But this is no longer the case because developers have fully expanding its functionalities. Currently, Google Play services can create a secure connection between your gadget and of course the Play Store. Here you can upgrade your Gmail, Google Calendars, Google + and so on. By using the extensive power of Google Play services, elaborate and tricky functions can become a lot smoother. Once you link an application with the Google Play services, you will instantly receive notices. These notices will let you know each time a new upgrade is at your disposal.

The best part is that if you own an Android gizmo (operating on Android 2.3 and higher versions), there is no need for you to install Google Play services by hand. There is no need for this, because you will get these updates automatically and they will also be set up automatically each time a new update of the app is accessible. But if this is not an option for you, then go ahead and install the APK file by hand.

Google Play services have some amazing features, not just for Android users but for developers as well. Keep in mind that if Google Play services app is not installed on your device, there are some apps on your Android gizmo that will not function properly(this is because some may be linked to Google Play services application). Let’s have a look at some of these great features:

-Allows you to download and make the necessary upgrades for your apps

-Validation is required between your gadget and Google services

-Integrates all of your contacts

-Great user privacy options

-Heightens the overall app experience

-Boosts up searching for files on the gizmo

-Amazing gaming experience

Newest Version: this is the v7.5.71 (1955121-032) and it was just released on May 26. You will be glad to heat about the newest enhancements such as: API upswings concerning its Location and Place.

As far as the Permissions are concerned, here is a short list of what it has to offer:

  • device and app archives can be viewed
  • unstable log data can be read
  • allows you to restore apps
  • adding & removing accounts
  • It can alter your contact card
  • Looks up accounts
  • Finds your location through the GPS
  • Handles SMS as well as phone calls and it goes on.

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