Google Play Music and FLAC Files

Google Play Music is an outstanding service. With it, one can use the no-cost cloud locker storage for all one’s music files. Google Play supports a number of music file formats including MP3. However, most music lovers do not like MP3 because this format is not the best. If you are a real music lover who wants and expects best quality of audio sounds, then you will need to listen to lossless format files.

The good news for these music lovers is that Google Play accepts FLAC files. This lossless music file format is the best and is the first choice for both audiophiles as well as those who engineer music professionally. The quality of sound output is best when the music is stored as FLAC files.

What are FLAC files?

Before getting into the benefits of FLAC files it makes sense to find out exactly what this music file format is. FLAC is an acronym for Free Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC is also an open source music format that makes it easy for anyone to compress the size of the audio file without causing any loss or change in quality of audio.

This is one of the main differences between FLAC files and MP3 files. The latter shrinks the size of its files by removing certain audio information and this results in loss of audio quality. With FLAC files however the audio output is still exceptionally good.

Musicians as well as engineers who are interested in using Google Music to do a quick reference mix while outside the studio will be able to do the referencing with just one basic action.

Google Play accepts FLAC files

For a long time Google Play was limited to providing just MP3 and AAC file format support. However, now that it is providing support for FLAC files, using Google Play will become a much more satisfying experience because anyone can now listen to more accurate audio. Even though FLAC files are still not the best file formats for listening to music they are still better than MP3 and AAC file formats.

FLAC is a lossless audio CODEC that is most widely used though not every program supports this format. iTunes for example does not support FLAC files.

If you are planning on using FLAC as your daily format then you have to be prepared to face a few difficulties. It is quite possible that if you want to enjoy FLAC files that you will have to switch from using iTunes to a program that supports FLAC files. Adobe Audacity is an option available for those who want to enjoy FLAC files.

Google Play can upload your FLAC files with the same ease as it does when uploading MP3 files. To hear the FLAC files you will have to upload your song to Google Music.


As of now, Google Play is currently only uploading FLAC files that are 16 and 24-bit mono or stereo files. These files will be converted to 320 kbps MP3 files. Also, keep in mind that Google Play also requires that your FLAC music file cannot be larger than 300MB.

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