Google Keep vs Evernote

Smartphones are used to perform a number of functions, this is with the help of the applications that are installed on them. They can perform both social and official functions, and one of those functions performed by the Smartphone apps is the note keeping. The Google Keep and Evernote are two rival apps, which deliver opportunities to keep notes, and customize them, by including photos. Here are the features that split the two apps; The Essential Features Both the services lets you create and store voice-to-text notes, audio notes, images, checklists and memos. They will let you synchronize your data with the internet, but the Evernote will allow you to sync your data with your clients. Evernote has the notebook idea, which allows users to put photos, documents, snippets, audio clips and lists in a different notebook, which can be accessed later on. You can also tag whichever item, in order to search and find it easier later on. The Google Keep lets you keep a note on your home screen, or archive it. However, you will not be able to organize the notes separately, or you may not categorize them. With Google Keep, you cannot tag anything, and for that, the search is restricted to the text that is contained in the note. Types Of Notes You will find different types of notes on both apps, but with Evernote, you are allowed to create a text note, a speech-to-text message, an attachment, or an audio note, and a photo. You may also intersperse data within the text notes, including photos and checklists. You may also add an audio note to a text note using Evernote. Google Keep on the other hand, have different checklists and Notes. The checklist is a different note type, and when you enter a new line, you would be adding an item that can be unchecked or checked. You may include a checklist to standard notes or add notes to checklists, you may also add images to any type of note. Instant Notes And Widgets They both have widgets, which you may customize to use on the home screen of your device. You may customize the Google Keep on the lock screen, which you can access easier. With the Evernote, you can search for documents, but the Google Keep has a Checklist item, which allows you to select what you want. You can view the recent notes instantly from the widget screen. Photo Notes You can create notes that are based on a specific photo, which you will then save as one document. With the apps, you can also add text to the note, for more description. Evernote takes the lead in photo notes, and it has the OCR feature, which lets you to convert handwritten text into content that can be searched. There is also the page camera, a feature that allows you to take notes straight from a notebook. Verdict Google Keep is not such a bad app, but if you need an app that has more features and new experience in not taking and keeping, then the Evernote is the one to go for. Evernote makes work easier, and it has more features compared to the Google Keep.

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