FarmVille 2: Country Escape – Tips to Master the Game without Spending on Dimes

If Hay Day gaming has taken you by addiction, then FarmVille 2 has surprises for you.

Its sequel, Country Escape is for those who have enjoyed yielding products from a farmland and taking ownership of the land.

It is a general belief that this game gives you a premium experience while you buy it for money and the free version isn’t that interesting. Contrary to the belief, here are some tips and tricks to successfully build your farmlands on the free gaming version, without having to spend on dimes.

The Key Lies in the Keys

The first tip to upgrading your production capacity is to spend 50-60 keys in the upgrading process. For instance, if you have been backing a pie or cookie in your bakery, then invest your keys on the number of items to be produced at once to reap benefits.

One good thing you will get from upgrading your production is that, it will reflect on all the other products you use this upgraded feature with, making your score soar up.

Work on Pappy’s Pond Overnight

Working on Pappy’s Pond, which needs an entire 8-hours of expedition can literally end up finishing your play time. This is when you should take it easy on the game. Leave this expedition to the night – send your farms to work right before you go to sleep, so that all your rewards will be collected overnight and will be ready for you to reap them in the morning!

While you reap these benefits overnight, you can also take advantage of other bonus points like pocketing a 600 XP after fishing at Pappy’s Pond, a chance to win Trout and Bass and earn quite a lot of coins as well; also you will get a chance to win a lock to increase the storage space in your farm.

Go that Extra Mile

To expand your farm and reap your products by leaps and bounds, you always need an unblocked supply of raw crops. To support this factor, it is better to build two of each variant, while you have been set to achieve one variant of the target. Produce multiple copies as much as you can of the same crop, so that you can use them liberally when you want to and an unblocked flow is surely yours.

Borrowing Benefits

You can always buy things for your farm – livestock and other raw crops from other players in your gameplay. You will have to exchange the money that’s initially given to you, to do this. But investing to grow your farmland will fetch you with benefits only. You could also stockpile products and sell across the finished product of the same on the board to make more money than what you got it with. Selling out finished products made of blackberries, chives and butter will fetch you with best benefits.

 Friends for Benefit

While you start up with the game, you will be connected to 3 friends on the board to gain bonuses and spin free wheels. Spinning the wheel will give you one goodie a day, making your game interesting and happening. You can also exchange gifts with these friends by giving away your extra production and getting one of theirs, which might end up being a crop that you most wanted – isn’t that a steal!

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