Cycling Can Help You Fight Off Muscle Weakness & Keep Mobility High!

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According to a new research, regular cycling might help patients with myotonic dystrophy (MD) maintain their mobility.

In myotonic dystrophy, the muscles weaken and degenerate as the result of a hereditary disease. Long-lasting muscular spasms are a common symptom of this condition (myotonia). They also have difficulty letting go of tension in certain muscles. Degeneration of muscle tissue and significant muscular weakness are possible side effects of this illness. Their lung capacity is also diminished. Slurred speech and even locked jaws are other possible signs. Cataracts and irregular heartbeats are two of the most common symptoms of this disease.

Individuals with MD may benefit from frequent cycling, according to a study that found that patients who cycled for 35 minutes 3 times a week during 12 weeks had a 32% boost in total fitness.

Individuals who participated in the trial gained 1.6 kg of lean muscle and lost 2% of their body fat, according to the study’s researchers. More ground might be covered in six minutes according to the research. In the investigation, scientists looked at 11 people with MD, as well as the underlying biochemical processes by which exercise might rebuild skeletal muscles that are very feeble or atrophy owing to the disease.

According to the study, some MD patients are told by their physicians not to exercise out of worry that it may worsen their illness. This research, however, disproves that theory.

The findings of this study will surely encourage patients of myotonic dystrophy to cycle on a regular basis. It is a fact that regular physical activity can help reduce the effects of myotonic dystrophy and even reverse them to be able to some extent. Regular cycling sessions may just help patients get a better grip of their disease.

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