Will WhatsApp Work Without SIM?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging mobile applications available today. It is currently available across several mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia and even the windows phone. Basically, all Smartphones that support secondary mobile applications can run the application.

By January 2015, it was considered the most globally used messaging app with over 700 million users actively using it to send short text messages, photos, videos and audio files. It is reported that in India alone, there are over 70 million people actively using WhatsApp.

The application is currently available in a ‘subscription model’ kind of engagement. This is where users pay a yearly subscription free. WhatsApp is practically free given its low the yearly subscription fees. However, it relies on your mobile device’s internet data plan for communication. 

In order to use WhatsApp messenger, your device has to have a mobile SIM card. This is because the verification stage of its installation requires that you submit a phone number, and receive a verification code via your networks SMS service. Unfortunately, there are so many tablets and smart devices these days that only access the internet via Wireless networks and not the conventional GSM networks. Such devices do not have SIM cards.

This begs the question, Will WhatsApp Work without SIM? 

How to Install WhatsApp in Devices that don’t have a SIM cards

The good news is that you can still download and install the messaging app even if your device does not support GSM SIM cards. The App will work on your device as long as it is able to run the application and access the internet in one way or another, either through Wi-Fi or through cable.

You are still required to have an active SIM card that has never been registered on WhatsApp. You will also need to have an old phone that is able to receive the Verification SMS. All this is required during the configuration stage of the setup, once the phone number has been used to configure the application and setup is complete, you should be able to enjoy the messaging without a SIM card on your device.

First, set up your device by connecting it to the internet. Download the messenger from the official download page or from any of the official app stores available on your device.

Once installation is complete, you should be able to see the welcome screen when you start the app. Select ‘Agree to the terms and conditions’ in order to proceed to the next screen. This is where the application requires you to submit a phone number for verification purposes. Key in the mobile number you intend to use and click ok.

WhatsApp will send a verification code to the phone number you submit. This is the verification code required by the app to complete the setup process. Once this is done, you should be able to complete the rest of the process in no time. Verification is the tricky bit for devices that do not have a SIM card installed.

After verification is complete, you will be required to enter the Name you want the App to display, and that’s it. You should be able to start using WhatsApp on your device despite the absence of a SIM card.

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