Bitdefender Antivirus Free – Protecting Your Computer from Malware and Spyware

The owner of every computer wants it protected from any kind of malware attack, identity theft or online fraud.

However, nobody would want to admire the security issues facing their computers. Bitdefender has proved to be one of the best antivirus programs out there.

Though it may appear to be more expensive than its competitors, this security software has new profile features, slick desktop widget, top notch antivirus protection, secure browser, online shopping and banking, and a rescue mode boot partition. With this, Bitdefender Plus 2015 has shown to combine strong features and new profiles for maximum results. It does the work without having to bug the user with unnecessary notifications.

It is not enough for an antivirus product to detect malware. It has to go the extra mile and protect the user’s online privacy and security. However, this will always come at an additional cost.

Because of its impressive features and a superb malware protection, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 ranks top of the list for entry-level antivirus software in 2015.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015 works well with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

Configuring Bitdefenders anti-spam component

This is a very simple procedure; it is devoid of complications and one does not need any special training or coaching to make it work. The process will be default and will block all messages flagged using Asian characters. It is also very possible to block those messages using Cyrillic characters.

If one communicates in a language that is much likely to be affected, then the advice would be that he or she unchecks the corresponding option. The Bitdefender will automatically divert spam messages to a spam folder if one checks his or her mail using Outlook, Outlook express/Windows mail or Thunderbird.

There is also an option of using the toolbar to mark any message as spam or not spam and consequently whitelisting or blacklisting any sender. It has been tested that Bitdefender’s spam filtering does not have any effect on message download speed.

Bitdefender has proved capable of doing its job without having to pester its user. Once it has been set in the default autopilot mode, it will not be very easy for any user to detect its presence. This gives it an edge over other antivirus solutions that are known to cause so many disturbances to their users.

Bitdefender allows the user to access the internet and other networks. However, it also has a way of monitoring and preventing suspicious behaviour.

During those days when households only have one computer to serve the entire family, it was a very easy task for parents to control the way their children used computers. However, so much has changed and the technology has advanced so much. These gadgets are now easily available at very cheap prices and therefore it is possible for a family to own several of them. This translates to the fact that the children can now do their things on them without easily being noticed. Furthermore, tablets, smartphones and others have also come into picture.

In spite of all these, the Bitdefender has proved to be very useful. All that one would need is a device that runs on Windows or Android.

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