WhatsApp Free Download Latest APK – Brand New Design In Android Lollipop

One of the top-ranking IM apps is rolling out a brand new design. You can check it out on the 2.12.79 version.

The protocol that has been followed was similar to the one Google adopted when it launched Android Lollipop’s design enhancements. This design seems to be blending with the UI of Android and it is giving it a sleek look which all users will love. The app also has some similarities with the Dialler app contacts, which was founded by Google as well.

The design is intensely hued with some green coatings and a few minor changes regarding other WhatsApp items. For instance, the place where you have all the smileys hoarded, has changed color from black to white. Also the profile pages of your WhatsApps contacts can be now noticed in a much wider image (this can be easily enlarged). These images resemble those of Dialler app, which works on Android Lollipop as well. Users will also get to see an animation, each time they decide to return to the chat from the profile page of a certain contact. So far, so great, right?

All in all, we love this new design and its color scheme. It was time somebody though of this aspect, because to be honest, it lacked a touch of color from the very beginning.  If you are eager to get your hands on this design, make sure you update to the newest WhatsApp version. And even if you don’t wish to make the update, WhatsApp will take care of this aspect and will certainly implement its new design, whether you want it or not.

WhatsApp is on a roll and besides all of these changes it is also preparing to launch its voice call feature for all Windows iPhone users. No one knows exactly when this will be, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for now.

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