Warzone Players Are Not Happy: Where Is Caldera Clash?

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It appears that Caldera Clash has been removed from Warzone. Despite the fact that it was only available for a limited time period, Caldera Clash has shown to be a popular choice among gamers eager for a change in their battle royale action game.

Rather than competing to be the last person remaining there, Caldera Clash takes aspects from Call of Duty multiplayer and combines them to create a mode that is largely reminiscent of Team Deathmatch. However, they include some game-changing power-ups to make it even more interesting.

The fact that Raven Software has provided an explanation for their choice to update Warzone’s playlists does not make fans of the mode thrilled. They have discovered that the mode has been removed from the game.

Warzone Caldera Clash has been removed

Many gamers have expressed their feelings in the comment section, with others noting that the mode has helped them improve their gaming, allowing them to perform better in the normal battle royale matches. Caldera Clash, according to one reviewer, is “a perfect solo experience.”

When will Caldera be back?

Typically, the Raven Software has a Trello board that gives information about possible comebacks of game modes. As of right now, the board displays new playlists that will be available until March 17, but there is no word of Caldera Clash going back into the game.

A lot of people are hoping that it won’t be gone for too long because there aren’t many modes that provide the fast-paced action that has indeed proved to be popular among players.

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