Top 5 Reasons Why Google Maps is the Best Mapping App

Google Maps is a mapping application that is powered by Google.

You can get this application on a desktop as well as on a smartphone or tablet.

This mapping app comes with a number of features that make it easier for the users to get what they want in the way they want it. For instance, the street view gives the users a traditional view of a location where they can even “enter” a building using Google Maps. There is also a satellite view, where you get a view of the location from an aerial view. Other features include route planner, traffic updates as well as navigation services. In short, Google Maps is equipped with loads of mapping functions and as a result, there are millions of people who use this application today, be it on their phones, tablets or PCs.

Here are the top 5 reasons why these millions prefer Google Maps as their best mapping application.

Variety of map views

As noted earlier, Google Maps comes with a variety of map views that include street and satellite views. Furthermore, it is possible to swiftly change from one view to another depending on your personal needs. In addition, overlaying information about the terrain of an area is very easy.

The street view allows the users to get a magnificent panoramic view of buildings in an area and the areas surrounding the streets. These images provide the users with a great view of a location, which keeps attracting more people to try out this mapping platform.

Getting directions

You will never get lost when using Google Maps. This app has all the roads and pathways that lead to every location you want in this world. All you need is to search for the exact location by name and you will get the directions to the place right from your current position.

Google Maps also lets you calculate the distance between two places. All you need is to provide the details of the two locations on the map and the app will calculate the distance in standard units. However, for this feature to work, you must enable your device’s location settings. Google Maps will also provide you with details of the route you can take, based on the means of transport you are using; be it public means, using your own car, cycling or even walking.

Traffic updates

If you have installed Google Maps on your phone, you can never be late for a meeting or an event, as long as you are using it. This is true because the app will update you with the latest details about the traffic ahead of you. The details are availed in form of a grid indicating how heavy the traffic is in the region you requested. With such data at your disposal, why should you be late for a function?

App customization

Google Maps comes preinstalled on all Android devices. This does not mean that this application cannot be manipulated. In fact, Google Maps is one of the most customizable mapping apps. It is possible to create a custom map, add landmarks as well as texts, just like you want it to be. The map can then be saved and shared with friends.


Google Maps mapping application brings the whole world in your hand. You can view any place you want right from the comfort of your living room. This app is extremely simple to use and for this simplicity, many people have fallen in love with Google Maps. It is easy to navigate and find everything you need on the app. You can zoom in and out of an area as you wish so as to see the exact place or thing you are searching for. There is an additional search tool which you can use to locate an area within seconds.

If you haven’t updated Google Maps to the latest version, make sure you visit the official Google Play Store and update the app now. The iOS users can get the latest update from the official iTunes App Store.

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