Skype vs. Viber: Who Gets the Crown?

Both Skype and Viber are prestigious and popular apps for communication.

Viber was basically developed as a mobile application; whereas, Skype was a desktop application, now available for mobile devices as well. Both the apps are trending in the iStore as well as in the Play Store. Let’s check out what is similar in these apps and what’s different.


Skype first began as a desktop app way back in 2003. It became very popular and today there are millions of users who have the app downloaded on the PCs, laptops and even on their mobile devices. The application works on the basis of VoIP or Voice over IP system, offering a much higher standard of audio and video quality when compared with Viber. It offers a free video and audio calling to members. You can call others who have this app downloaded on their device. You can also chat and send instant messages and access features, such as call forwarding and conferencing. Other useful features are sharing of files and recording of calls.

Skype – Clear Audio and Video

In order to use Skype, you have to create your user name and have a password for accessing it. The calls are free when you call another Skype user through the Internet on his or her laptop or PC. However, if you are making calls to landlines, you will have to make a nominal payment. Skype lets you contact your loved ones all over the world and it is specifically designed for those using a headset and a web camera. The audio quality is excellent and the network signals are amazing. Skype makes use of a HD voice feature and users can communicate without worrying about network failures. The voices are clear and audible and there are no lags, either in the desktop app or the mobile app.


Viber came into the game much later and was launched for mobile devices in 2012. You can make free calls through Viber and can call other users who also have Viber installed on their mobile device. However, Viber does not offer video calling features. You can make as many calls as you wish and send free messages, just like Skype. The app can be easily downloaded on your mobile phone through the Google Play Store or through iStore. Your mobile number is used as your user name and the registration is automatic. You will get a verification code to your phone and will have to confirm the number you are sent.

Pros of Viber

The best part of Viber is that there is no need to remember any names or passwords and so on, as the mobile number is the only identification used by the app. You can use the app to call anyone in any part of the world, so long as they also have the app installed on their mobile devices and so long as you have an internet connection. Viber also comes with automatic synchronization of contacts from your phone list. You don’t need to add your contacts separately for this app. All the contacts that are present in your phone list are automatically saved for the Viber contact list as well. The app comes in thirty different languages. Viber Out allows users to make calls to those who don’t have the application on their phone, but are on the contact list of the user.

When comparing Skype and Viber, it has to be said that Skype has more number of users from all over the world. Due to this, many people prefer Skype, as many of their contacts are sure to have the app on their device. However, if you are not interested in video calling, Viber can easily fill your requirements. You have to select the best mobile application that fits your lifestyle.

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