‘RoboDunk’ is Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch Early This Fall – Watch Trailer

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If you’re, for some reason, filled with angst at the thought of playing a basketball game, perhaps you should give ‘RoboDunk’ a try. It’s the title for an upcoming game built and published by Jollypunch Games that adds robots in the roles of basketball players. The game is clearly akin to many basketball games out there, only that you can use the devastating powers of robots in order to reach your goal right from the comfort of your own cottage!

‘RoboDunk’ will soon become available for both PCs and Nintendo Switch consoles early this fall. As a player, you are free to use devastating tackles and weapons in order to get control of the ball. The game is some sort of Goal 3 for the legendary NES retro console but with robots instead of human players.

‘RoboDunk’ arrives on September 25

In just about a month from now, those who are willing to play RoboDunk will get that chance from either the PC or Nintendo Switch consoles – starting on September 25, to be more precise. The information is confirmed by the game’s release date trailer, so there’s no room for misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Feel free to watch it below:

The forthcoming game definitely won’t take a toll on your PC if you plan to use such a platform. All you need is 2GB of VRAM for your graphics card, and the rest of the specs will pretty much qualify. Oddly enough, ‘RoboDunk’ even accepts to run on Windows 7, which surprises us considering that we’re talking about a very old operating system that doesn’t even receive support from Microsoft since January 2020. Probably the dev team was thinking that there are still plenty of folks out there who use the operating system despite its longevity.

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