Playstation Magazine Reveals PS4 Exclusive Uncharted 4’s Biggest Secrets

Uncharted 4 is a great game that has the potential to make Playstation 4 the best selling console for an entire year.

Naughty Dog has been putting everything into it but there are even more secrets to the upcoming game than you might know.

Some of the gameplay mechanics and other aspects have been revealed earlier during the Playstation experience event. However, that is only the beginning because more surprises are locked into the title so that you could unwrap them on launch date.

The official Playstation magazine spent a lot of meaningful hours with the team and learnt more about Nathan Drake, as well as his rumored last adventures. They might probably move on to another Last of Us or simply open up the cards with a new franchise that might be as good as the Uncharted.

Unique, New Paths

Unlike the older games, the new Uncharted 4 – A Thief’s End will be full of open ended decisions. Naughty Dog speaking to the Playstation magazine confirmed that they will not limit the possibilities of gamers and will allow them to think as openly as they can. There is no best route to complete the objective but there will be bad routes.

If you choose to climb along a ledge and choose a different path, it might turn out to be a dangerous route with a loose rock that might slip. In other scenarios, the entire cliff might come loose and fall down when you are still clinging on to it for support. There will be additional caves to explore and things to unlock which adds up to the adventure ride.

Enemies Evolve

It is not like just one enemy who will be dumb enough to attack you directly and die. In Uncharted 4, your enemies will have a really good AI and they will be capable of making good use of the available environment. If there is a cliff, they will cling on to it when you push them off. If they find a tree or a rock nearby, they will take cover to escape your gun shots and then they will come back to kill you before you could reload.

Such drastic changes with enemy AI combined with increasing difficulty will make the title completely satisfying towards the end, says the developer. There is more to it and they also confirm that after Jak 3, this is the most open ended game that they have developed.

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