Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, 4G LTE Support and Top Features

Many Surface Pro fans are hoping that the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will come with 4G LTE feature. Until now, the Surface Pro series were able to connect only to Wi-Fi, which means that if you are not close to a hotspot, you won’t be able to connect to the internet in any other way.

However, if the Surface Pro 4 will come with 4G LTE support, you will be able to use the data plan of a mobile carrier, which will make things easier when you are out of town or in a place where you don’t have any Wi-Fi connections available.

We’re pretty sure that many will ditch their Surface Pro 3 in case the Surface Pro 4 will truly come with this feature, as the internet has become something that you should be able to use anytime you like.

What’s interesting is that this feature has not been brought to the Surface Pro 3 and we’re pretty sure that it will not be a big surprise if it will be added to the Surface Pro 4.

So, why Surface Pro 3 didn’t get the 4G LTE feature?

First of all, the Surface Pro series come with high specs and their price are pretty high. To implement the 4G LTE feature is not cheap and with other words, it will boost the device’s price even more. We think that was the main reason why Microsoft has second thoughts when considering bringing this feature to their Surface Pro 3.

However, what they could do is to bring two variants of Surface Pro 4, one which will have this feature implemented and another one that will not have it. This way, they will see if the demand of the 4G LTE version is high and they will product more devices with that feature or they will stop and just bring the normal Surface Pro 4 variant.

Surface Pro 4 release date, features, specs and price

The Surface Pro 4 is rumored to be released in two different sizes: a 14inch one and an 8inch one. The display will most likely support a resolution of 2160x1440pixels. The device will be powered by an Intel Core M processor, but it is also rumored that it will come with more RAM than the current Surface Pro 3 features. As for the OS, the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will most likely run on Windows 10. It is not yet known what battery the upcoming Pro device will come with, but it will surely feature a longer battery life than the Surface Pro 3. In concordance with Realty Today, The Surface Pro 4 will most likely be priced between 1000 and 2000 dollars.

The Surface Pro 4 is rumored to be released sometime in mid 2015 or early 2016.

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