Human Anatomy VR: Check Out the Launch Trailer

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Are you interested in exploring the wonders of the human body? If your answer is ‘yes,’ it’s totally understandable. The human body is easily the most complex structure ever discovered in the Universe. With all of our technology and science, we would never be able to create a single cell like those that exist in our bodies. And we have trillions of them! Each and every day, about 50 billion cells die in our body, while billions more take their place.

Human Anatomy VR now allows you to explore the anatomy of our unfathomably complex bodies! All you need is your curiosity and to dive through the menu, but you surely already meet those expectations since you’re reading this!

Let’s find out more:

Here’s a relevant description for Human Anatomy VR coming from the PlayStation Store:

Are you interested in the human body?

Human Anatomy VR delivers the most immersive human anatomical experience available on the market designed for anybody interested in the human body.

It is perfect for sport, fitness & workout enthusiasts, science enthusiasts, high school students, medical and nursing students, universities, libraries and health practitioners. Feature rich content is delivered in a deeply engaging experience with excellent graphics, innovative presentation, and visual delivery.

Technically speaking, Human Anatomy VR can be considered a video game. But practically, it’s light-years more educational than a lot of video games out there that involve car racing, shootings, teleportation, and so on! It allows the “player” to navigate through the mysteries of the human body, explore organs and tissues, and easily observe all areas of the body he wants from any angle he wishes.

Who knows, maybe you’ll become a doctor one day and find the cure for cancer as you dive deeply into Human Anatomy VR! Are you willing to give it a try?

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