GTA Online: Here’s How to Hack the Keypad

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The Country club was the first mission for the High Society Leak. When you start tracking down the second copy of Dr. Dre’s phone, you will need to break into a surveillance room. And after you get past the cameras, you will also need to get past security. And we are here to tell you how to hack the keypad.

Here’s how to hack it

It is a sort of mini-game in the missions.

The red numbers from the top of the screen are what you need to find in that mix there. The green numbers are the countdown timer, and if it hits 0, there’s no comeback. In order to hack it, you will need to put the correct number sequence in red. After you’ve found the numbers, press the action button, and this is pretty much how you hack it.

Make sure your weapons are ready, as you’ll have to fight four guards when you enter the surveillance room.

The Contract DLC has come with a lot of new missions and new weapons.

The Contract DLC is the newest addition to GTA Online. We see F. Clinton and Partner as the new celebrity solutions agency, that only serves the Vinewood elite that needs solutions to their problems. Franklin needs two things: a good partner and a high-profile client. And with your LS contact, Lamar Davis, you are bound to become the right-hand of Franklin. Together, you will take the business to the next level.

DJ Pooh is also looking for Franklin, as he has a new great client for him, Dr. Dre, who needs to get his phone back as soon as possible. That phone has unreleased music from Dr. Dre, and it might be exactly what you need for your agency.



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