Gmail App Free Download – How to Create a New Account?

Gmail started offering users email services in 2004 and since then, this application has grown to become the ultimate provider of emailing services for users all over the world.

There are close to 1 billion people tied to this Gmail application and the number keeps increasing, with a reported sign up rate of 1 million per week. One major thing that is behind this unprecedented growth is the brand of Google. Google has its name on almost every aspect of life and every person has grown to become very confident in the services provided by this company.

Furthermore, Gmail is a free to use application that also offers lots of storage space for users. You won’t be asked to pay for using the service or subscribe for a monthly plan in order to keep sending and receiving emails. Another thing is that just like the philosophy of Google Gmail is very simple and easy to use. Even the most novice users will have no problem with signing up, setting up as well as using Gmail, as long as they know how to read! All you need to do is click on the available buttons or labels with regard to what you want to do; be it composing a mail, reading one or sending a newly drafted mail.

There are just lots of things or rather services that you will be able to access once you create a Gmail account. Here’s how to:

Create and set up a new Gmail account

Before you can create a new Gmail account, you need to have a suitable internet connection. This is to avoid any interruptions during the sign up process. To create a new Gmail account, open your web browser and go to the page From there, click on the “Create an account” link and a sign up form will open up.

Provide the details in the fields as required. Choose the email ID you’d like to have and Gmail will run a check in its database to see whether the ID is still available or it is already in use. If available, go on and fill the other fields as provided by Google and make sure that the password you use is strong enough and that you can remember it without any problems.

It is recommended that you use a combination of alphabets, numbers as well as special characters so as to be sure of your security. Avoid using your name as a password as it makes the job easier for hackers and your friends. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on “I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.” Click on “Next” to complete the account set up.

Setting up Gmail account for first use

After creating a Gmail account, you will need to set up your profile and improve your image and how people see you on Google. You can customize your Gmail account via the “Create your profile” page. On this page, click on “Add photo” and follow it by uploading a photo of you to Gmail account. Gmail will automatically sign you in once everything is done.

If you need to make further changes to the newly set up Gmail account, you can go to the settings tab and from here you can change things like background, themes, and many others. It is also possible to add a signature to your emails and manually add email addresses, contacts and phone numbers as well as import contacts from alternative email accounts.

The good thing with using Gmail account is that you can also access it on your mobile device using a dedicated Gmail mobile app. You will get the same services on the mobile app as what is available on the web version.

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