Five Things You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will be available in stores from April 10 and judging by the early hype, it will be one of the most successful phones in Samsung’s history.

The Korean company has big hopes with the S6, as it tries to recover from the horrid sales of the Galaxy S5. Before you purchase a Galaxy S6, here are five things you need to know about the latest handset from Samsung.


Unlike previous devices from Samsung, the Galaxy S6 offers no support for a microSD card. The company removed the slot in order to reduce the thickness of the device and to offer a better design. But storage should not be a problem for the users, as even the entry level model offers enough memory. The starting model comes with 32 GB of internal memory and every carrier offers one or the two other versions with more storage (64 or 128 GB).


Multitasking has been a huge part of the smartphones lately, and the S6 is no exception. Samsung has made sure that the users have enough place on the display for multi windows. And with the S6, the multi windows feature is actually turned on by default. You can launch it at any time, by pressing and holding the recent button, located left of the home button. At that point, you can select any two compatible applications. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has the same Pop-up application feature that users got to experience on the Galaxy Note, providing users with one more multitasking option. Pop-up can be launched with a simple swipe down from the left or right top corner of the screen, at which point the current application will be pulled into a small window application.

Wireless Charging

Another big part of the appeal of the S6 is wireless charging. Unlike other companies, Samsung has equipped the S6 with support to all major wireless charging standards, including the two major ones, Powermat and Qi. In essence, this ensures that you can charge your new shinny device on any pad you find. In addition, Samsung is selling its own pad.

Quick Charge

Since battery power is the Achilles heel of smartphones nowadays, Samsung makes sure that your Galaxy S6 always has juice in it. In addition to wireless charging, Samsung has added the Fast Charging technology to the phone. If you happen to own a charge that is certified as Quick Charge 2.0, you will get up to 30% battery power in just 15 minutes.

Color Options

With the Galaxy S6, Samsung wanted to make sure you feel unique. Therefore, in addition to the standard color choices, Samsung has added an exclusive color just for the S6. For the standard version of the Galaxy S6, that color is Blue Topaz. Other color options include black, white and gold.

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