Fallout 4 – The Great Big Fake Tease

Bethesda is taking its sweet time with Fallout 4 and we’re paying for it. Despite the game developing company’s stellar record for producing other solid series like Doom and Elderly Scrolls, they have denied gamers the awesomeness that is Fallout. It’s been awhile since the last Fallout game been released. Five years to be exact.

Fans all over are getting impatient. It’s the longest wait ever for the beloved gaming series. The only time players didn’t have to wait long for an instalment was between Fallout 3 in 2008 and Fallout: New Vegas in 2010. Making it worse are the teasers that were released the past two years that turned out to be fake. Allow us to refresh your memories:

Three-Dog’s Tweets

The rumors for Fallout 4 started as early as January 2013 when Erik Dellums, who voiced Three-Dog in Fallout 3, tweeted that his character will be returning. He followed that message by saying he was given the go signal to release the said tweet. Players assumed that the game’s instalment was in the works. Unfortunately, it took Dellums up to July of the same year to say that he was working on another project that wasn’t connected with Bethesda at all.

The ZeniMax Website

On November 2013, a website claiming to be financially backed by ZeniMax, the same company that owns Bethesda, was released. It had nothing but several coded messages. Rabid fans quickly decoded some of them and concluded that it was a timer of some sort and that it was counting down to SOMETHING. Again, we were left to assume that it was counting down to the release date of Fallout 4. It took Bethesda a whole month to say that the whole thing was another huge, elaborate fake.

The Kotaku Connection

Flash forward to present day 2015, we find ourselves holding on to a tweet reply by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier wherein he hinted that Fallout 4 could be out early this year. We’re not saying we doubt Mr. Schreier’s strong connection to the gaming industry. In fact, as far as gaming journalists go, we have a ton of respect for the guy. However, we have two strong reasons to believe that this is another great big tease from Bethesda.

First, given the company’s track record, the game could very well be released late this year instead. If they wanted to release it, a lot of marketing materials would have been released by now. At the very least, a game trailer would have been put out in YouTube.

Second, allow us to use Bethesda’s own words when they debunked the whole ZeniMax website, “If you don’t hear it through an official channel like this, assume all rumors and speculation are false.” Bottom line is no matter how strong Jason Schreier’s connection is with Bethesda, he is not part of Bethesda and whatever he says remains to be purely speculation.

Look, we’re fans of the game. We love the Fallout series as much as any fanboy or fangirl out there. Just like you, we think that the next instalment is way overdue. But until Bethesda releases an official game trailer, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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