EA SPORTS FC 24: The Devs Bring Solution for a Pesky Glitch Causing the Ball to Stick to the Foot

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EA SPORTS FC 24 is out for almost a month, and the players are already dealing with annoying glitches. One of them causes the ball to stick to the foot of a player in the game, which has annoyed fans beyond belief and caused them to take the forums by storm. People have been complaining online, and the devs from EA SPORTS have heard their call.

The glitch in question was so disturbing that it made it impossible for an opponent to take the ball away while they were using the Trickster+PlayStyle. While the glitch was annoying as hell for some players, it was a blessing in disguise to others. Some players had no problems scoring a goal whenever they wanted.

EA SPORTS brings a fix

In a tweet posted a few days ago, EA SPORTS said:

We’ve added a new issue to the EASFC Tracker that we’re investigating. The ball can incorrectly stick to a dribbler’s leg as they run in some situations.

The same source further explained so that there won’t be any misunderstandings:

In order to prevent this issue from occurring, we have temporarily removed the Trickster+ PlayStyle from Ultimate Team Player Items, they now have Trickster instead. Once this issue has been addressed in a future Title Update, we’ll be looking to add Trickster+ back to applicable Player Items.

Those who want to play EA SPORTS FC 24 have the chance to do so via at least one of the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, Android, and Windows PC.



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