iPhone 15 Pro’s Volume Buttons Could Look A Lot Like This

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Credit: MacRumors x Unknownz21

iPhone 15 Pro is still long its way, but the rumor mill is stirring quite the buzz already regarding different parts of the phone. First, there was the iPhone 15’s USB-C, then the cameras. However, now it seems that we’re fixed on the volume and power buttons, and we can’t really see a way out. So, the future of the iPhone 15 Pro’s volume buttons is still unknown, given recent speculations suggesting a last-minute tweak to the device’s feature set. The question remains: will the iPhone 15 Pro get solid-state buttons or not?!

We’ve heard many reports already regarding a new volume button and even a different mute switch design for the iPhone 15 Pro models, but there’s a catch, as always it is. According to fresh claims, the tech giant based in Cupertino consider giving up on solid-state button tech.

Obviously, Apple didn’t release any details about such a change, so we better take everything with a pinch of salt! We got, though, an exact preview of how the buttons might look like, assuming there are no significant design changes. Thanks to tipster Unknownz21 and MacRumors, here’s how the volume and switch buttons could look like on the iPhone 15 Pro:

Credit: MacRumors x Unknownz21

Don’t you think it is somehow similar to the previous iPhones?! And that’s because it is! After switching to two sleek distinct circular volume up and down buttons with the iPhone 4 and, eventually, to twin elongated buttons with the 2014 release of the iPhone 6, Apple has not employed this type of unified button design since the iPhone 3GS back in 2009. Oh, it’s like remembering the good old times again! It is aslo important to note that the single button design with the central separation has been there from the first stages of the iPhone 15 Pro development.

Well, whatever Apple chooses, we know the result will be fabulous.

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