Game of War – Fire Age Free Download for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

The Game of War: Fire Age is one of the best strategy games ever developed for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones. In other to play this wonderful game successfully, you’ll need to think strategically and allocate resources efficiently in other to achieve your basic objectives. The major objective of the game is to take control of cities using the available means at your disposal. It’s basically a city builder game that requires you to train an army, construct a grand city and work with others to become powerful.

The player basically chooses a building in their city after taping a plot. The construction of this building requires a lot of time, and there are a lot of buildings in the game, and the game features an in-depth building system. The Game of War has some essentials, like barracks for housing troops, farms for growing foods, embassies which allows you to team up with other players, extended walls and traps to halt enemies in their tracks and a vast array of resources and research buildings to construct.

In the Game of War Fire Age, players reside in vast areas called kingdoms. This helps to make the GOFA stand out from other city builder games because the kingdom’s land contains the cities. This allows you to get bird’s eye view of the world map, where you’d see the cities other players are residing, rather than generic cities common with these types of games.

To attack your enemies, you’d need to build an effective army, and then through the world map, send troops to their cities. Your troops will march to the cities of the enemies and then engage them in a war; if victorious they’ll come back with resources. The military component of the game is quite extensive.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration, like the ability of your hero or commander, the force composition and the amount of research. Building your army takes time, so this game takes a more realistic stance when it comes to wars.

Another feature that makes GOWFA unique is that it allows players to join alliances. An alliance allows players achieve their goals and objectives by enabling them to work as a team. Aiding research and boosting building timers are some of the ways alliance members help each other. Members of an alliance can assist each other in the area of warfare by contributing troops to other members of the alliance, who would then march on to prosecute the war or defend the alliance.

The alliance feature is one of the amazing features that make GOWFA realistic. GOWFA has a huge, amazing community of gamers, most of which belong to one form of alliance. These alliances foster teamwork and enables them survive the game, most especially when playing championships.

In conclusion, the Game of War Fire Age is an amazing, yet very realistic city builder game to play. This game can be downloaded for free on Google Play Store for Android devices, iTunes for iOS devices and Windows Phone homepage for Windows Phone devices.

Although GOWFA requires you to make in-app purchases in other to fully unlock the game’s potentials, it is free to download and an amazing strategy game to play.

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