Can Science Be Used To Create The Perfect Pizza?

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Because of the pizza you ate, thousands of single-celled creatures gave their lives. They perished while assisting in the raising of the crust in the oven. Yeast is a common name for them.

Bakers sprinkle yeast on top of pizza dough because yeast is a live, breathing fungus that works hard to provide the saucy delight its distinctive fluff. Even though most individuals have no qualms about eating the creatures, a small percentage of the world is intolerant of them. People with yeast allergies who eat regular pizza with the leavening agent are at danger of suffering gastrointestinal problems, rashes, and, in the worst-case scenario, anaphylaxis.

That’s why a team of scientists from the Federico II University of Naples is working on yeast-free variations of the nation’s favorite food. They describe how to manufacture excellent pizza dough without the bugs in an article published in Physics of Fluids on Tuesday.

Yeast-free pizza

The method is deceptively easy. The researchers mixed normal pizza dough components like water, flour, and salt together, then baked the blob in a hot oven. There is no yeast in this recipe. The purpose of this industrial equipment is to elevate the temperature as well as pressure of what’s within.

Two things happen in this autoclave, according to the researchers, that imitate yeast’s function.

When high pressure is put on the dough, gas dissolves into it, and bubbles emerge when the pressure gradually decreases throughout baking. Together, these processes cause the dough to rise in the same way as yeast would. Although this procedure is comparable to that of carbonated soda, the researchers stress that it is much more sensitive. Soda bubbles are unconcerned with pressure rates, whereas pizza dough likes to rise gently and softly.

As a result, the researchers recommend that anybody interested in using this approach infuses the dough with gentle pressure release rates, similar to those seen in at-home coffee makers.

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