Adobe Flash Player 14 Brings Expressive Content, Security Updates

The upcoming Adobe Flash Player 14 is in its beta version and is expected to go full scale once the slew of bugs found has been fixed.

Any new release should undergo extensive beta development phase to make sure the end product that common consumers receive is user friendly, bug free and has plenty of new features to look forward. For over two decades, Flash plug-in has continued to be the most dominant choice for creating interactive, graphic-rich content to engage website visitors. There are billions of pages over the web and visitors flock towards the web to gather information.

A website owner now faces a strong hurdle at this point to grab the attention of a customer, explain their products or services and encourage them to try it. Instead of using pages of content or just images that may hardly deliver your idea, Flash Player allows you to get as creative as possible. The design friendly software plug-in can be used to create an interactive game. This can help you show the customer the product or service that you are actually planning to sell. Similarly, a professional video can be created to explain the objectives of a business organization, their goals and visual description of the future endeavors which will easily grab the attention of the visitor.

In Beta

The developers build, beta version of Adobe Flash Player 14 is designed to be touch friendly because the era has changed to favor smartphones and tablets that require direct interactions. The main objective of Adobe is to bring all the devices closer so that all of them can share the same technology and work towards a core point. Users can now download the beta version of the program and report any bugs, crashes or other issues found in the build. The development team has been working hard to fix these issues and new beta versions are being constantly updated with the changes made.

Mobile Friendly Build

You can always refer to the release notes to know the changes made in the current build, security fixes and new features added, if any. The Adobe Flash Player 14 is being made to meet the futuristic requirements of the internet which is becoming more mobile every day and all the technology giants are now moving to provide content that is mobile first. During the 90s, the Flash player revolutionized the content on the web with its rich media and in recent times with mobile phones dominating the industry, it is expected that the plug-in might reiterate its success on an altogether different platform.

Users who are new to computers and prefer a more stable version can download Flash Player 13 while those who like to try new features even before they get released will find the Adobe Flash Player 14 an ideal fit. The company constantly changes the version of the beta file available with new patches and you can try them all out by installing the package. Make sure to use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome for optimal results as the new plug-in is made to be compatible with these new releases.

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