Zoom Increases Security And Privacy With End-to-End Encryption

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The widely used teleconferencing platform Zoom just introduced end-to-end security for one-on-one phone conversations and video chats. In a post that was published on the company’s official blog, Zoom made the announcement that it will be extending its end-to-end encryption functionality towards both Zoom Phone but also Breakout Rooms – two additional aspects that you can use Zoom to accomplish smooth and encrypted communications.  For the benefit of those who are just getting caught up, end-to-end encryption is a method of encoding and decoding in which only the sender and the recipient have access to the data, not even the medium itself.

In the future, users of Zoom will notice a new opportunity to update to E2EE during one-on-one Zoom Phone conversations that take place through the Zoom client amongst users who share the same Zoom account. Users may press on the ‘More’ button during a call and then pick the option to improve the protection of the session by using end-to-end encryption by doing so. It just takes a second or two for the Zoom client to enable end-to-end encrypted communications for the phone connection, which adds an additional layer of protection so that the users may feel safe and at ease throughout the conference.

When individuals turn on the end-to-end encryption feature of Zoom, the platform creates a one-of-a-kind link for both the two participants in a Zoom conversation by employing cryptographic keys, which are just known to the equipment of the transmitter and the recipient of the call. This keeps the call completely private. The encrypted link may be shown to be working properly by supplying the security key to each other.

Users will soon also have the ability to organize Breakout Rooms while they are in an encrypted conversation. The interaction will be identical to that of a typical E2EE conference, with the exception that the meeting encryption key for each breakout session will be different.

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