You’re Going To Be Able To Leave The Real World And Go Hang Out In Horizon Home

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Soon, players of Quest 2 will have access to Horizon Home, which is Meta’s social VR location. Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s founder, and CEO said that the upcoming upgrade for Quest 2 would include the addition of Horizon Home. The basic premise of Horizon Home is to provide a place for people to meet virtually and socialize.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is shown in a film with Alex Honnold, a well-known free mountaineer. In the video, Zuckerberg & Honnold can be seen conversing in VR as their respective personas within Horizon Home system. Using the Quest 2 headgear and controllers in the actual reality, as well as in the Horizon Home virtual reality setting, they are seen in the movie. They then view an immersive 360-degree film of Eddie Honnold scaling a steep cliff.

It’s possible that in the future, users of Horizon Home may be able to design their own virtual environments instead of having to choose from those already accessible. Meta’s virtual reality component is a way for the company to show Zuckerberg’s belief in technology. Below is a link to a video with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explaining the new function.

In October of the previous year, during the Facebook Connect Event, Meta made the announcement of the Horizon Home, a communal VR location. Using an Oculus Quest 2 Virtual reality headset, Mark Zuckerberg as well as his colleagues announced the Horizon Home social virtual reality platform. It’s possible to welcome guests into a virtual house where everybody will be welcomed by an avatar of one’s choosing when they enter the Oculus area in the Horizon Home virtual world. In addition, the Horizon will let you view films and play online games with your pals while in the virtual reality realm.

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