You Can Now Unlock Exclusive Snapchat Features For $3.99 Per Month

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Snapchat’s premium edition has officially gone live in several regions after a few leaks and rumors. It’s named Snapchat+, and it gives users access to a few extra perks in exchange for their subscription.

At $3.99 monthly, Snapchat is launching a set of “unique, exploratory, and pre-release functionalities” in the app that are only accessible to those who subscribe to the service. This service will enable them to bring new Snapchat capabilities to several of the most dedicated community participants and enable them to give priority support, Snapchat explained.

At the time of writing, Snapchat+ costs $3.99 / month. Notably, this is the debut effort by Snapchat to make cash outside of ads on the site via Stories. Premium options like the opportunity to pin your BFF at the front of your conversation, see if anyone rewatched your tale, and customize the manner wherein the app’s symbol displays will be available to those who spend a monthly amount.

There are a number of countries that will be allowed to use Snapchat+ as of right now. These include the United States as well as other countries in North America, Europe, as well as the Middle East, and Africa. Team Snap also announced that Snapchat+ will be released in other areas across the globe in the not-too-distant future. When Snapchat+ launched, it was not accessible in India.

Telegram, a prominent messaging app, just introduced Telegram Premium, a paid membership service. You can upload files up of about 4GB in actual size, simply download big files at the speediest rate, transform voice mails into writing and send back stickers as well as text reactions in interpersonal and intergroup convos, as well as set video profile pics that will show up on the main screen and even in the conversation section for Telegram Premium customers.

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