What The Fate Of NASA’s DAVINCI Mission Means For Our Understanding Of Venus

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In 2029, NASA plans to conduct an expedition that would both soar past Venus and drop into its hostile atmosphere. For the first time, a flyover and a landing investigation of Venus will be conducted as part of a mission named DAVINCI.

A landing on Venus’s soil is scheduled in June 2031, after which the spacecraft will continue its exploration of the planet’s complex atmosphere. Researchers have been eagerly awaiting the DAVINCI mission’s ability to gather information about Venus ever since the 1980s.

The DAVINCI probe is basically a flying chemical laboratory that can analyze many elements of Venus’ air and environment and snap the first fall photos of the planet’s mountains. Map the Venusian terrain and determine the nature of Venus’ mountainous highlands using sensors on board the mission, as well. Known as “tesserae,” these characteristics are thought to be identical to those seen on Earth’s landmass, which suggests that plate tectonics may exist on Venus, as per NASA experts.

Alpha Regio has highlands double the extent of Texas, and this information collection will help us understand how the stratified atmosphere mixes with the land in this vast region of Venus.

Using instruments in Venus’ lowest atmosphere, the team hopes to find evidence of an ocean there in the planet’s distant past. There’s a chance Venus, the first livable world in our planetary system, had a climate with an ocean comparable to Earth’s, but then something changed it such that it now has temps high enough to liquefy lead.

Researchers believe that Venus may have been steady for millions and millions of years until an event sparked dramatic alterations in the globe. Alpha Regio peaks are a suitable landing site for the spacecraft, but the spacecraft is not needed to be operational after it touches down since all of its scientific data has already been collected.

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