Watch Dogs 2 Tips, Tricks: How to Unlock Jurrasic Park Jeep?

Need some Watch Dogs 2 Tips, Tricks? Find out how to unlock the Moutain King, aka the iconic jeep from Jurassic Park.

Just like Grand Theft Auto and many other open-world games, the city of Watch Dogs 2 has a bunch of little hidden features for the player to discover.

From collectibles to Easter Eggs, the city has it all. And in this Watch Dogs 2 tips, tricks article we’ll go over how to get the iconic Jurassic Park jeep or as the game calls it, the Mountain King.

Getting the jeep isn’t really that difficult of a task. The hardest part is finding its exact location on the map.

Watch Dogs 2 Tips, Tricks: Jurassic Park Jeep

The jeep is in the Oakland area, which is on the northeast corner of the map. To be precise, it’s in a gated vicinity across from Lakeside Park.

There are  two ways to get into the area, one being much more difficult than the other.

The hard way, which anyone can do once they get to the area, is to use the Jumper to navigate from rooftop to rooftop until they’ve arrived in the designated zone.

The easier and more straightforward way requires the player to first unlock the Enhanced Jump ability for the Jumper.

Once you have the Enhanced Jump ability, then all you need to do is park a vehicle in front of the area’s gate, hop the Jumper unto the car, and then just hop the gate.

Either way, once you’re in the vicinity you just need to hack into a red control panel that’s up on a wall. Once you’ve done that, the gate should unlock and you’ll have access to the jeep.

Jurassic Park Jeep

The unique vehicle in question is the Mountain King and is a direct reference to the jeep used in the first Jurassic Park film.

But if you don’t believe that and think the design is just coincidentally identical to the one in the movie, then you should try honking the horn.

If you honk the Mountain King’s horn, the entire screen will start to violently shake and you’ll hear the sound of a dinosaur roar. If that doesn’t convince you that it’s a reference to the film then nothing will.

For those that need a visual aid on where to find the vehicle, check out PS4Trophies’ video below.

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