Warzone Players Want Rebirth Island Back

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Even though the main Warzone map changes every time a new game comes out, Rebirth Island is always a part of the battle royale. The map has a smaller battleground and a faster way to play, so the action never stops.

Fortune’s Keep will be a brand-new map that Raven Software plans to put out before Season 4 comes out. Since the new island isn’t as big as Caldera, it could take the place of Rebirth Island.

Players aren’t happy about the possibility that Raven Software will take Rebirth out of Warzone in favor of Fortune’s Keep. Rebirth is very popular, so this would be a bad move.

Warzone players are upset that Rebirth Island is being taken away. There isn’t much information about what Fortune’s Keep has to offer besides a list of POIs. So far, we know that the map will come out in Season 4, but we don’t know if it will replace Rebirth Island.

Even so, a number of players are upset about the possibility that Rebirth will be taken away completely. Caldera hasn’t lived up to the high hopes of the community after three full seasons. There are often bugs and glitches on the Pacific island, and the meta is always changing, with one or two weapons that are too strong.

Other people in the community have similar thoughts. One player says that taking away Rebirth Island will “end the game.” The number of people playing Warzone is going down. In the last year, 50 million fewer people played battle royale and the rest of the Call of Duty games.

Is Rebirth Island going to leave the Warzone?

It’s not clear if Warzone’s Rebirth Island is going away. Since the battle royale only has two maps that can be played at once, there is a chance that it will go away.

There’s a possibility that the map could come back if Fortune’s Keep is just a limited-time event map.

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