Vanguard Season 4: All You Need to Know Right Now


It seems like Season 3 of Vanguard started just yesterday, but it’s almost over. Some players are already thinking about Season 4 and what it will bring to us.

Along with the Hernandez Operator, the most recent season has a number of brand-new guns and weapons. Even so, Season 4 is already getting more attention.

Even though Sledgehammer Games hasn’t given us any official information about the next season, we do know a few things about different parts of the game.

When does Season 4 of Vanguard come out?

Season 4 will start when Season 3 ends, just like it has in the past. The Battle Pass timer confirms that the current season will end on June 21. This means that the next season will start on June 22.

Operators in Season 4

Several leakers say that the Operators for Season 4 are already in the game files for Vanguard. Here’s who might show up:

  • Butcher
  • Callum
  • Ikenna

Vanguard Zombies

Fans of the Zombies mode are still upset that the action doesn’t happen in rounds, but Season 4 will give them what they want.

Treyarch has already said that round-based Zombies will be back in the next season. Players will drop into a revised version of World at War’s Shi No Numa. The mode will come back, and there will also be a new Easter Egg quest and a brand-new Wonder Weapon

What we’re getting in Season 4

Along with the changes to Zombies, Season 4 of Vanguard is expected to have a lot more content. Those who watched the show in the past will have a good idea of what to expect. Here are some things that are likely to show up:

  • New Battle Pass
  • New weapons
  • New Ranked Play season and rewards
  • New game modes
  • New Maps
  • New Operators
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