The Voyager 1 is Sending Back Anomalies In The Outer Reaches of the Solar System

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NASA sent Voyager 1 into deep space on a rocket in 1977. Astronomers across the globe are in awe that it hasn’t slowed down in almost 45 years, much to their surprise.

Voyager 1 has gotten so far out of our planetary system that it is currently emitting weird signals that researchers are having difficulty deciphering.

As the furthest manmade structure in space, Voyager 1 is likely to have anything to do with this puzzle. Voyager 1 crossed through the heliopause in 2012 at a range of 14.5 billion miles beyond the Earth. Solar winds are separated from interstellar matter & radioactivity by the heliopause, which acts as a barrier. The Milky Way’s interstellar emptiness is where Voyager 1 is now located.

Earth orders are being received and executed by the interstellar spacecraft, which is also collecting and transmitting scientific data back to Earth. The attitude articulation & control system (AACS) readouts, on the other hand, do not represent what is occurring onboard the spacecraft.

As NASA explains, the AACS is responsible for keeping the craft’s transmitter pointing toward Earth, so it can broadcast data back to us on the ground. However, telemetry information that the AACS has transmitted back looks to be incorrect, such as by seeming to be created at chance or practically impossible. How do we know this? In this high-radiation setting, no previous spacecraft have been able to fly. As a result, the engineering group faces several difficulties.

Currently, it requires 20 hours & 33 mins for a message from Earth to arrive to Voyager 1, and the other way around. In each Voyager 1 & 2, the power source is diminishing, prompting scientists to switch off as many parts as possible to save energy. Some believe Voyager 1 would be capable of sending information as late as 2025, at which time its RTGs would no longer be ready to generate enough electricity to maintain its electronics operational.

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