Spider-Man Remastered Will Be Available in August

Source: playstation.com

State of Play had great news for PC fans. In just a few months, Spider-Man will make its appearance in the Steam library on PC or Steam Deck.

Sony’s State of Play event was a great way to start June this year, as we got to see some fantastic trailers for upcoming games from first-party studios and third-party partners of the gaming giant.

Sony came with an amazing surprise for PlayStation gamers. After Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, God of War, and Uncharted, it’s time for a PlayStation superhero to come to Steam, and Spider-Man seems to be the best choice out there.

Spider-Man Remastered is coming to PC. And while we’re happy about that, we haven’t heard anything about Miles-Morales.

On August 12, 2022, get ready, cause you can get Spider-Man Remastered for PC through Steam.  That means this amazing Steam launch is just over two months away.

Spider-Man, made by Insomniac Games, first came out on PS4 in 2018. The game was then updated for the PS5 when that console came out. So, people who play the game on a PC are already getting the updated version to play this year.

Sony didn’t say anything about Spider-Man Miles Morales, which left fans wondering. Even though we don’t know if it will be released on PC or not, it’s likely to be the next PC game from Insomniac Games.

Since the Steam page for Spider-Man Remastered isn’t up yet, we don’t know how much the game will cost. But if Sony does the same thing with it as it did with God of War and Days Gone, it should cost $49.99.

Sony State of Play is a digital event, that shows the latest PlayStation news, updates, reveals and announcements. Everyone is eager to find more, and this event might be the best out there for that.

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