Sea Squirts: Eats Your Wrinkles and Gives You Brainpower

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Adding marine creatures to your diet as shown in a recent research utilizing an animal model, ascidiacea, sometimes recognized as sea squirts, may cure some of the most prominent indications of aging.

It is possible to consume sea squirts uncooked in Korean dishes. Plasmalogens, which are vital to human bodily functions, may be found in these aquatic creatures. Plasmalogens may be found in many parts of our bodies, including the heart, central nervous system, and immunological cells, but their abundance decreases with age. Many neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s, have this trait.

In order to investigate whether boosting plasmalogen concentrations may counteract the negative consequences of aging, researchers injected aged mice with plasmalogens. Mice’s cognitive ability and bodily symptoms were significantly improved by the supplementation.

Plasmalogens may be able to restore mental deficiencies in the aged brain, according to new studies. Furthermore, plasmalogen-fed old animals had thicker and shinier black hair compared to aged rodents that were not provided the supplementation. In this work, plasmalogens have been shown to have a direct effect on the aging mind. Even more impressively, when administered plasmalogens, elderly mice perform like youthful mice, discovering the platform considerably faster than the comparison group of senior mice.

Plasmalogen-fed rodents showed an increase in cognitive function, therefore scientists examined alterations in brain activity. More and better quality synapses – the interconnections amongst neurons – were observed in mice who were given the plasmalogen dose as an adult compared to animals that were not administered the complement.

When plasmalogen doses were given to older mice, the inflammatory response in their bodies dropped significantly, which may explain why they faired better in memory & cognitive activities.

Plasmalogens taken orally might be an effective treatment for improving cognitive function in the elderly. That, if a tablet that keeps you youthful includes sea squirts, it’s possible that the idea isn’t so far-fetched after all.

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