Samsung Flex Note Is The Tablet-Laptop Hybrid You’ve Always Wanted

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Previously, at the Society for Information Display (SID) – Display Week 2022 conference held in San Jose, United States, Samsung spun a few heads when it demonstrated the ‘Flex Note,’ a novel gadget that displayed the industry’s competence in the field of flexible display technology. The event was attended by a number of people. It’s basically a tablet-laptop combo, but the interior of the gadget is all-display, making it seem like a typical folding laptop.

The business uploaded a clip of the Flex Note to its Samsung Display Newsroom, where it was shown with its other most recent display advancements. Two examples of this are the Eco2 OLED, a screen that consumes less electricity, and Diamond Pixel, an OLED panel with better picture quality as well as readability.

When it comes to Samsung’s Flex OLED portfolio, which is the company’s future gen panel technology that unfolds and glides, the Flex Note is a member of that range. Because it has a larger screen area than a traditional laptop and so is better suited to multitasking, the Flex Note is among the most useful devices in the Flex OLED range showcase.

The display’s lower half may be expanded to provide a full keyboard when opened. There are many options for customizing the keyboard. For example, the user may remove the keyboard entirely and replace it with other programs or virtual command buttons. A huge tablet that appears more like a tiny, portable display may be created by completely unfolding the Flex Note.

The Flex Note is still only a prototype at this point, and Samsung has not yet disclosed any formal intentions to commercially commercialize the gadget.

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