Resident Evil New DLC: This Is the Real Release Date

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Fans of Resident Evil can’t wait for the new DLC to come out, and it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer. The new DLC should be out next week.

During the recent State of Play showcase, we heard a lot of news about Resident Evil. In addition to the Resident Evil Village VR reveal, we also heard about the long-awaited Resident Evil 4 Remake. When it comes to Resident Evil Village’s VR version, it looks even better and scarier. Players get a pretty similar experience to the regular game, which also happened with previous VR ports of Resident Evil games. Even though the show was pretty good, fans were still upset because we didn’t get what we really wanted.

A lot of people are looking forward to the first DLC for Resident Evil Village, but Capcom hasn’t said much about it. But it looks like we’re all happy soon, as the DLC might be shown off at the next Capcom showcase, which is set to happen on June 13. Besides that, rumors say that Dragon’s Dogma will also be coming out.

Dragon’s Dogma will soon be out too

When it comes to Dragon’s Dogma, there are a number of signs that the sequel will be coming out soon. In addition to the website being updated, the director of the first game, Hideaki Itsuno, recently shared a Capcom showcase tweet, which could mean we’ll see something related to the franchise at the event. Capcom has said that it will focus on games that have already been announced, so Dragon’s Dogma could be a good choice to build up excitement for the event.

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