‘RENDEZVOUS,’ a New Action-Puzzle Adventure Game, is Up for Grabs – Watch Trailer

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Building 2.5D cyber-noir pixel art action-puzzle adventure games is not exactly something new for the gaming world. Even though the new “RENDEZVOUS” game of such kind is now available, you know what they say that it’s the early bird that gets the worm.

However, Hitcents, an indie games publisher, together with Pendopo Creations, a game developer from Indonesia, have collaborated pretty efficiently to bring the new “RENDEZVOUS” game to life. The two companies have made the big announcement that many gamers have been waiting for: “RENDEZVOUS” has been launched via Steam, as TGG reveals.

In “RENDEZVOUS,” you’ll be in charge of a character who needs to redeem the sins of his past. Or else it will be the last straw for him. The environment reflects a futuristic Indonesia, where Setyo needs to find a way to save his sister from sharing his own fate.

Here’s a description of the game that appears on the official Steam page:

I can’t remember the last time we smiled and laughed together.
After our parents died, you went one way and I went another.
Is this really how you want to see this through? To end up like them and hope we reunite?
I just wish for once that you’d stop running, stop lying, and look me in the eyes and say you missed me.
Is it really that hard to do Setyo?
Can you do that, for us
For what’s left of our family?

Now let’s address the elephant in the room: can your PC run the new ‘RENDEZVOUS’ game? Luckily, there are system requirements that appear on the game’s Steam page. Surprisingly, the game still works on the old Windows 7, if, by any chance, you’re still using that OS. You will also need a minimum of 2GB of RAM, 2GB of video memory for your graphics card, and 2GB of storage space.

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