Polium One: the Blockchain Gaming Console in which NFTs Reign Supreme

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Since they first appeared in more modern games, NFTs in videogames have become a contentious subject. Even if NFT titles like Axie Infinity or CryptoKitties have exploded in popularity, the conventional gaming market isn’t yet sold on the idea of play-to-earn titles like those. To mention a few, there are ecological implications of the system in general large game companies misuse NFTs to gain an advantage in in-game commerce.

No wonder the recently unveiled Polium One has received a lot of negative feedback from gamers. Users may play blockchain-based videogames, download metaverses, and exchange NFTs using the device, which bills itself as the world’s first multi-chain game machine for Web3.

Polium One is a device of Polium, a videogame business that has laid the groundwork for Web3 gaming with the Polium One. Please keep in mind we’re still a long way away from Web 3.0. In the near future, blockchain technologies are expected to be widely used, especially digital currencies and NFTs.

Web3 gaming, as per Polium, will need people to be familiar with cryptocurrency and its many blockchains. A lack of interaction with the blockchain gameplay system will result if this is not addressed. The Polium One device is their answer to this dilemma, allowing console gamers to play Web3 games in several blockchains but also without the requirement for numerous crypto wallets. In a nutshell, the Polium One is a plug-and-play solution for Web3 players. The Polium One is presently in the planning phase of the console, according to the roadmap just on Polium webpage. As early as the 3rd quarter of 2024, it will be available for public use.

Since “currently in negotiations” with Web3 programmers, the Polium One will be able to provide a broad variety of titles and even some exclusives, the company said. Despite this, the firm refuses to identify any of the alleged Web3 game developers, which has prompted even greater outrage from the gaming world.

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