Pokemon Sun and Moon Tips, Tricks: How to Ride a Pokemon?

Get the best Pokemon Sun and Moon tips including how to ride a Pokemon for swifter traveling throughout the region.

The latest Pokemon Sun and Moon tips are always at your disposal. With these tips, you will know how to ride a Pokemon to travel around the entire region. You also have to unlock this particular feature before starting to use it.

Pokemon Sun and Moon tips are available aplenty, particularly when it comes to riding Pokemon. Game N Guide reports that the Pokemon Ride Pager can be unlocked once the player has defeated Melemele Island’s Grand Trial by Kahuna Hala.

Once the player defeats him in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the feature comes as a reward. This instantly allows players to ride their Pokemon. This also enables swifter traveling. Once this feature is unlocked, there will be a separate menu screen for the same.

You can only press the Y button to access this menu screen. You can also assign a total of four shortcut keys for accessing your preferred Pokemon for riding. However, there is one catch here- you cannot use the Pokemon you ride in battle scenarios. You cannot also add these Pokemon in the ride page in the party.

Which Pokemon Sun and Moon Creatures Can be Used for Riding?

Pokemon Sun and Moon enables 7 different Pokemon that you can use for riding purposes. These include Taurus which is garnered after trouncing Kahuna Hala. You also get Lapras from Captain Lana and Stoutland from mallow from the Paniola Race. You also get Sharpedo as a gift from Grimsley in the very last island you encounter in the game. Before that, you also get Charizard post completing Captain Kiawe’s trial at Wela Volcano Park.

You also get Machamp at the Ancient Poni Path in Poni Island. You can also get this as a gift from the grandmother of Hapu. Machamp helps you push away big stones that obstruct any path apart from helping you ride fast. You can also get Mudsdale.

This is also a gift from Hapu when you visit Ula’ula Island. This Pokemon can also be used for traversing rocky and tough paths which are normally impossible to access. This adds greatly to the basic riding feature.

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